In this hilarious romantic comedy, Buddy is a ne'er-do-well surfer who mows lawns for a living.

     He doesn't understand why his girlfriend wants him to get a "real" job and grow up.

     Unbeknownst to him, Buddy becomes entangled in a crime and is being sought after by both the police and the mob. When his dream girl needs saving, his heroics are second to none.

     Will Buddy Applebaum save the day?!

     Stars JOHN ASHER (star of USA Networks' TV series "Weird Science," and recurring on the hit series "October Road," "CSI," "Navy CSI," "Las Vegas," and "Beverly Hills 90210." Asher was also featured in Clint Eastwood's "Space Cowboys" and in the action films "Showdown" and "Double Dragon") , INGRID BEAUCHAMP (star of TV's 2013 "Witches of East End," and TV's "In Plain Sight"), DAEMON CLARKE (TV's "Prison Break," "Third Watch," "Dragon Ball Z")‚Äč

Who the F is Buddy Applebaum?!