Legendary adventurer Dean Potter's autobiographical documentary

The tragic news of extreme athlete Dean Potter's sudden and untimely death in Yosemite National Park made headlines throughout the world in a wingsuit BASE jumping accident. Potter was an innovator and a legend in extreme sports for which he held numerous world records.

When Dogs Fly is Dean Potter's autobiographical documentary showcasing Dean's beautiful spirit, his devotion to his craft and his relationship with his constant companion, Whisper.

Dean Potter had been pursuing some of the most dangerous arts known to man for the past three decades - Free Climbing, Base Jumping, Line Walking and Human Flight!  Sponsored by Adidas, his youtube videos have gotten millions of hits and National Geographic did a special on him.   

When Dogs Fly is Potter’s autobiographical documentary where he goes on adventures and flies with his best friend, his Australian Cattledog, Whisper.   Potter takes all precautions to keep his best friend safe, and Whisper always nips at his heels and prods to go wherever Potter goes, begging to come along.