Phenomenon, URI GELLER, brings his expertise and unique style to Sky One Television's presentation of "Uri's Haunted Cities: Venice," a journey through the haunted places of the fabled city of Venice, Italy.

     The film begins as a personal exploration of the Venetian city and its wonderful buildings, canals and historical sites . . . however, Venice has a little-known "dark side," where the lines between the "living" and the "dead" are often blurred!

     The magnificent city provides the backdrop for Uri to travel from one increasingly terrifying haunted house, palace, and plague pit to the next.

     Through fantastically scary reconstructions, the atmosphere and horror of each story is vividly brought to life. And who better to host a show about paranormal activity than internationally renowned supernaturalist Uri Geller?

     Uri's incredible abilities have amazed and stunned onlookers for over 35 years.  His compelling presentation style and enthusiasm will draw viewers closer and closer to the ultimate horror of his final destination.‚Äč

Uri's Haunted Cities: Venice