Under the great expanse of the George Washington Bridge, Javy (ANTONIO ORITZ), and his friend Robbie (CRUZ SANTIAGO), are two young boys growing up in New York's Washington Heights.

     Their neighborhood is defined by the people who grow up and grow old together, and good or bad is often determined by what side of the street you're on.

     The boys have no idea what lies ahead when they find a trash bag stuffed with drug money and bury it under the Bridge, setting in motion the story of Javy, his brother, and the thugs who want their money back.

     Diego (RAYNIEL RUFINO "Liberty Kid," HBO's "Sugar"), Javy's older brother and de facto parent, is forced to look danger in the face to protect his family from the merciless drug kingpin seeking revenge. As fate looms and day becomes night, Diego turns to an old neighborhood friend with shady connections to help him out of his perilous mess.

     The events of the night ultimately lead him to the decision that will change more lives than just his own. Ultimately, when push comes to shove in Washington Heights, nothing is stronger than the bonds of family.

     Also stars LUIS ANTONIO RAMOS ("Spanish Harlem," "CSI," "CSI Miami"), RAUL ESPARAZA (NBC's "Hannibal," "The Homecoming," "666 Park Avenue," "Medium," "Law and Order"), ALEXANDRA METZ (Co-starring in CBS's "Blue Bloods," "The Good Wife").‚Äč

Trouble in the Heights