A gruesome double murder, the blood still fresh on the bodies...


    On a weekend camping trip deep in the forest, a young U.S. Marine recruit and his six friends stumble upon the murdered bodies of a vacationing couple. They are mistaken for the killers by a deeply-disturbed war veteran who calls himself the "Angel of Death."

     The veteran is determined to teach them the horrors of war through a series of tortuous mind games that leaves Jim and his friends struggling for their lives.

     As the Angel of Death's evil intent is revealed, Jim realizes he must act to protect his friends from a cruel fate at the hands of this deranged killer and his zombie-like girlfriend. Jim bravely engages in the dangerous and sadistic games the soldier challenges him to play.

     But Jim's adversary proves tougher than he could have imagined, and he realizes that the battle will not end until one of them is dead.

     From Executive Producer Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins, Masters of Horror) comes Trail of Blood, a gripping tale that uncovers the darkest parts of humanity and leaves you breathless! "Robert Picardo is riveting in Trail of Blood, a bold feature directorial debut from the Guerrieri Brothers. This cleverly-made shocker is a finely-crafted homage to 70s grindhouse cinema." - Joe Dante‚Äč

Joe Dante's Trail of Blood