A brutal double murder occurs in a Manhattan hotel room. A suspect confesses at the scene.

     Top detective GLORIA HERNANDEZ (CHRISTINE CALEO TV's "Law & Order," "The Passage") takes the case.  Immediately, DETECTIVE HERNANDEZ interviews the only suspect, a naive and strangely quiet JANIE HOLTZ (AMY RUSS "Adored"), who confesses to the murders.

     But something in JANIE's story doesn't fit, so DETECTIVE HERNANDEZ follows her instincts and decides to withhold the confession for now.  The detective is troubled by one overriding theme: no physical evidence was found at the hotel to convict JANIE of the crime.

     Against the will of her partner, JIM BURNS (JAY SNYDER TV's "All My Children") and the rest of the precinct, she continues to investigate the murders.  When JANIE's signed confession suddenly ends up on the desk of her boss, CAPTAIN SAGER (MIKE HODGE "Ransom," "The Mirror Has Two Faces"), DETECTIVE HERNANDEZ insists that JANIE is innocent.

     She tries to convince him of her belief that the confession is a cover-up and that JANIE is holding something back. Against CAPTAIN SAGER's authority, DETECTIVE HERNANDEZ gives JANIE one last chance at freedom and pleads for her to tell the truth.

     As JANIE's defenses come down, she reluctantly opens up and tells her what happened on that stormy night. With a retraction in hand, DETECTIVE HERNANDEZ races to the District Attorney's office in the middle of the night to beg for a dismissal of the case - which he grants her.

     All charges are dropped against JANIE and she goes free . . . until the hotel clerk, the only witness, puts the pieces together.  Could JANIE really have been guilty all along?‚Äč

Till Proven Innocent