What would you do if someone controlled your every move?

      BILL TAYLOR (JOHN TAGUE "Living and Dining," Fox's "24") is an ordinary guy trying to make a good living and get his marriage back on track. Personally and financially, things have been difficult recently, and, to complicate matters, he is recovering from an emergency appendectomy.

     But, today at work, Bill is about to close a deal that he hopes will end his financial troubles and help reconcile his marriage . . . until the phone rings at his desk and a distorted voice on the line threatens to end his life.

     The mysterious caller tells Bill that he has implanted an explosive device inside of him - and that only by carrying out the complicated and puzzling demands of the unidentified caller can Bill save himself. 

     Just as Bill decides that this must be a hoax, he doubles over in pain. The madman is watching him. When Bill disobeys his instructions, a shocking mechanism in the implanted device is triggered which causes Bill excruciating pain and gives the caller total control.

     As this manipulative game of cat and mouse continues, the caller instructs Bill to complete one unbelievable task after another -- from robbing a bank to killing an innocent pedestrian. The caller instructs that Bill tell no one and that each job must be finished before the minutes on the timer around his neck expire.

     If Bill misses his mark, the caller warns, the device will explode. And as an example, the caller blows up two of his other victims right before Bill's eyes, shocking proof of what happens when you do not follow orders.

     Terrified, exhausted and alone, Bill must elude police for all of the crimes he is forced to commit and stay alive long enough to determine who is behind this twisted game of life and death, to find out why he has been chosen as the target . . . and, more importantly, to try to escape with his life.

     Bill is trapped. There is nowhere to run and no one to turn to - and time is running out.‚Äč

Ticking Man