Mick Leddy (wrestling star RODDY PIPER "The Bad Pack," "Jungleground," "They Live"), a former Navy S.E.A.L. and highly rated Coast Guard officer, has chosen to walk away from life in the "fast lane" and live the easy life as a charter boat captain, sailing the best and most beautiful boats around the world.

     Mick's life, however, becomes complicated when his ex-girlfriend, Lori (CAMILLA MORE "In Search of the Serpent of Death"), breezes back into his life, bringing with her his former Coast Guard rival, Scott (TREVOR GODDARD "Mortal Kombat").

     Refusing to compete for Lori against the hot tempered Scott, Mick hires himself out as a captain to the seductive Nola (TAWNY KITAEN "Bachelor Party," "Risky Business"). As Mick falls prey to Nola's undeniable sexual power, he also unwittingly becomes lured into a drug smuggling operation controlled by Nola's ruthless husband, drug kingpin Juan Carlos (JUAN FERNANDEZ "Crocodile Dundee II").

     When Mick eventually discovers that his boat is loaded with contraband, he is devastated by Nola's deception. Mick must choose between his feelings for Nola and his sense of duty when he is forced by DEA agents (MILES O'KEEFE "Tarzan," and BRENT HUFF "The Bad Pack," "The Perils of Gwendoline") to entrap Nola and bring down Juan Carlos' drug operation.

     Mick's choice leads to an explosive, high speed, all-out confrontation between the DEA, the Coast Guard and Juan Carlos' army of killers -- but it is Nola who controls the final outcome.‚Äč

Swept Away aka White Tides