There is no law and order on the streets of Hollywood. The area is a notorious shooting gallery and the most lethal weapons of gang warfare are everywhere. 

     Melody Sails (MIMI LESSEOS), an ex-special forces commando skilled in the martial arts, is an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Post. While writing a story on the street kids of Hollywood, Melody encounters Lunar (OLIVER PAGE), a crime lord who is seducing the youth of the streets with shelter and drugs in exchange for the money they earn prostituting and panhandling. 

     Lunar controls his turf with an iron fist, and the street kids are no match for him. He lords over his territory, gets the frightened kids hooked on heroine, and has them prostituting their bodies to feed their expensive habits and his expensive tastes.

     That is, until Melody arrives on the scene.

     When several of the street kids involved with Melody's story end up dead after apparently overdosing on drugs, Melody starts to dig deeper. Very few actually see Lunar's face, but his presence is felt nonetheless. Escaping Lunar isn't just difficult, it can be fatal. 

     With the help of a twelve year old boy (IRA GOLD), and in a series of heart stopping, high impact sequences, the action explodes when Melody leads the fight to reclaim their streets and put an end to the crime lord's reign of terror with a spectacular fight to the deadly finish.‚Äč

Streets of Rage