SOMEBODY MARRY ME is the first romantic comedy ever to be shot in ONE CONTINUOUS 98 minute take with NO CUTS!


     FROM WHO?      SOMEBODY MARRY ME was directed by natural entertainer JOHN ASHER. ASHER directed his first film at the age of 21 and went on to direct Kirk Douglas and Lauren Bacall in "Diamonds" for Miramax, the Showtime series "Going to California," CBS's "The Ghost Whisperer" and was a full time director on "One Tree Hill."

      In addition, Asher comes from great stock. His father, William Asher, was the original director of "I Love Lucy" and created "Bewitched."

     His grandfather was the producer of "Frankenstein."

     WHO'S IN IT?      SOMEBODY MARRY ME stars RAY ABRUZZO (who played Little Carmine on "The Sopranos," "CSI," "Law & Order," "NCIS," "House," "Boston Legal"). The film also stars Oscar Nominee MICHAEL LERNER ("Barton Fink"), ANYA MONZIKOVA ("CSI," "Seeking Dolly Parton," "Melissa & Joey"), MARLANE BARNES ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"), JEFF DOUCETTE (Desperate Housewives," "E.R."), LESLIE MURPHY ("Cold Case," "House," "White Irish Drinkers") and ANNIE BURGSTEDE (best known as "Willow" in the long-running soap "Days of Our Lives").

     WHAT'S IT ABOUT?!       David (RAY ABRUZZO) has just hours to find a woman to marry before his wealthy father gives his entire inheritance to his young ditzy stepmother.

     When his long time girlfriend refuses his long awaited proposal because she knows that he is now proposing for the wrong reasons, David posts an ad online looking for a wife.

     Quickly finding himself in over his head, and with his dates one more disastrous than the last, David must ultimately decide what matters most - unimaginable wealth or true love.

     MARKETING POTENTIAL      Picture bus stops with the above poster image with the words "Somebody Marry Me!" Or ads in the PERSONAL section of the newspaper with the same image of Ray Abruzzo looking for love? Or imagine the press in connection with Asher's feat of making a feature length movie in one take! Or the potential of online websites, jewelry companies or other sponsors! 


  • Winner: Best of the Festival Jury Prize - Hoboken International Film
  • Winner: Best Cinematography - Hoboken International Festival
  • Winner: Best Actor Hoboken Film Festival
  • Winner: Audience Choice Award - Cinema At the Edge
  • Winner: Best Artistry in Production - Manhattan Film Festival

     REVIEWS      ". . . a heartwarming romantic comedy with a twist." ". . . Somebody Marry Me is the real deal"​

Somebody Marry Me