In this action-packed thriller, a mysterious man, a young woman, the FBI, crooked cops and armed robbers are all in pursuit of a map that will either lead them to $3 million or to their demise.

     But in this quest, nothing is as it appears and nobody is who they appear to be. Having gotten possession of the map, RYAN YOUNG (FRANK ZAGARINO "Shadow Chaser," "Armstrong") enlists the help of MIA (ELIZABETH GIORDANO "Married with Children," "Company Man"), an attractive undercover cop, to track down the money. 

     But Mia is reluctant to help him, because she is facing troubles of her own from her hard-nosed boss CAPTAIN STERLING (JACK SCALIA "Ground Zero," "Predators").

     Also after the map and the money are the ruthless criminals who had stolen the three million dollars in a daring armored truck heist several years ago as well as AGENT COLE (JAMES RUSSO "Donnie Brasco," "Ninth Gate"), a relentless FBI Agent who, when trying to thwart the robbery, caused a shootout which led to the death of an undercover cop.

     During a series of double crosses and harrowing chases, everyone involved begins to discover that none of the others are who they claim to be. Intrigue, suspense and unstoppable action all collide to form a tangled web of deceit, as the truth splinters into SHATTERED LIES.‚Äč

Shattered Lies