A group of mobsters. Two waitresses. A couple of twenty-something pals who are looking for love. Throw them together for an evening and see what happens.

Some of them could end up a little better off, while others could end up dead!

     Nothing exciting ever happens to BURT and SAM. And no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to meet any women they like. But when the two pals decide to go out for some dinner at a local Italian restaurant, they run into DAYNA (Marisa Ryan TV's "Mary & Rhoda," "Cold Hearts," "Trash," "Man of the Century"), a pretty college graduate who's out alone for the evening. 

     DAYNA and BURT make an instant love connection and continue the evening together, while a disgusted SAM heads home alone. On the way, SAM stops at a bar for a drink where he meets up with EDDIE (Seymour Cassel "The Animal Factory," "Honeymoon in Vegas," "Indecent Proposal," TV's "The Last Don"), a hit man who's a bit nervous about the fact that he and his partner MAX (Judd Nelson TV's "Suddenly Susan," "The Breakfast Club," "St. Elmo's Fire") have just killed the son of the local mob boss FAT TONY RAGONI (Joe Viterelli "Analyze This," "Mickey Blue Eyes," "The Crossing Guard") - and now FAT TONY and his henchmen are after them.

     Spying FAT TONY in the bar, EDDIE panics and hides in the restroom, paying the drunk and delighted SAM a small fortune to be his lookout.  Meanwhile, EDDIE's over-sexed hit man partner MAX has hooked up with BETTY (Amy Hathaway "Courage Under Fire," "The Client," "Last Chance"), a pretty young woman who also happens to be DAYNA's roommate.

     MAX convinces BETTY that he's a sex therapist, and talks her into taking him home with her so he can give her some "private instruction". After a quick sexual adventure with BETTY, MAX takes off, and a furious BETTY finds a gun, vowing to follow MAX, find himand kill him.

     When EDDIE finally escapes from the bar, he is stunned to find out that someone has stolen his car - with FAT TONY's son's body in the trunk!

     The thief is none other than MIKEY - a gangster who has been given one last chance by FAT TONY. It seems that if MIKEY can successfully steal just one car, FAT TONY will spare him from being fired.

     Unbeknownst to MIKEY, it's his lucky day! When EDDIE and MAX rendezvous at the local convenience store, along with several other members of this crazy clan, shots ring out.

     When the smoke clears, one of them is dead; two of them are on the run; and two of them are in love - at least for the moment! Love, lust and murder all come together when these unlikely characters find themselves caught in the crossfire between SEX & BULLETS!‚Äč

Sex & Bullets