"Sea of Dreams" creates a fascinating world that celebrates the miracles of falling in love, following your heart and finding your destiny.​

     In a seaside village full of romance, wonder and mystery lives a girl named Grecia (SENDI BAR, "Kedma," "Zbeng"), who is well known for her dangerous beauty  a beauty that even the sea has fallen in love with.

     At an early age, Grecia's parents were lost to the sea in an accident, but young Grecia was unharmed. Raised by her grandmother (ANGELICA MARIA, legendary Mexican actress), Grecia develops into a stunningly beautiful young woman. She quickly becomes the object of affection for two brothers, Benjamin (PABLO SANTOS, "Shackles," "Party Animalz") and Sebastian (NICHOLAS GONZALEZ, "Spun," TV's "The O.C.").

     When Benjamin drowns under mysterious circumstances, Grecia is viewed with fear by the townspeople, led by Tomaso (SEYMOUR CASSEL, "Rushmore," "Honeymoon in Vegas"), as they feel she is cursed. Sebastian does not believe in the curse, and he and Grecia fall deeper in love.

     But Sebastian is torn: following his heart to pursue Grecia means betraying his mother (SONIA BRAGA, Golden Globe-nominated for both "Kiss of the Spider Woman," and "Moon Over Parador"), who forbids that he marry her.

     One day, the photographer, Marcelo (JOHNATHON SCHAECH, "That Thing You Do," "Hush"), comes to town and is immediately taken with Grecia's beauty and spirit for life. Marcelo's unconditional acceptance of Grecia touches her heart and makes her question the world around her -- should she continue to wait for Sebastian to break free of his mother's grip or allow herself to fall in love with Marcelo? And will the sea allow her to pursue either choice?


Sea of Dreams