RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, MICHAEL IMPERIOLI, UTE LEMPER, JAMES DUVAL and TALIA SHIRE render award winning performances in this story of individuals whose lives collide in their search for love and truth.‚Äč

     Thaddeus MacKenzie (RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, "The Thornbirds," "Shogun," "King Solomon's Mines," "Music Lovers," "The Towering Inferno," TV's "The Man In The Iron Mask" and "Dr. Kildare") is a wealthy lawyer, who, upon learning that he is dying, sells all of his property and goes to visit his "old friend," Allen Hayden (MICHAEL IMPERIOLI "The Sopranos," "Sweet Nothing," "Girls Town," "I Shot Andy Warhol," "Clockers," "Malcolm X," "Goodfellas").

     Allen is a struggling young artist with a passion for life who once survived by "working the streets." Now Allen is involved with Eva (UTE LEMPER, "Bogus," "Ready To Wear"), a beautiful and wealthy European gallery owner now living in Los Angeles.

     When Thaddeus re-enters Allen's life to find solace, Allen's life is thrown into chaos. Thaddeus implores Allen to find Jamie (JAMES DUVAL "Independence Day," "The Doom Generation," "Nowhere"), a young street hustler that Thaddeus had once tried to rescue.

     Allen is then forced to return to the streets and face the dark corners of his past, where he must choose between what he left behind and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

River Made to Drown In