In a world where the violent hold all the power, Frank Hill (PETER SHANE "Santa Barbara") was the cop who put away the ruthless crime lord, Tony Woo. During the brutal capture, Woo's wife is killed in the crossfire, and Woo vows to destroy Frank Hill.

     From prison, Woo organizes an assassination attempt on Frank. The cop lives, but his innocent brother is murdered; and after numerous attempts on his life, his wife leaves him, and Frank quits the police force.

     He begins a quiet life, until Woo is suddenly released from prison. The crime Lord again rules the streets with extortion and murder, but he hasn't forgotten Frank.

     With an army of mercenaries, Woo searches for the man he must destroy. Woo kills Frank's ex-partner and kidnaps Frank's ex-wife to force a showdown.

     The ex-cop realizes there can be no escape. To save the woman he still loves, Frank prepares for the fight of his life.

     In a rage of vengeance, Frank Hill defeats a mob of professional hit men and martial artists to finally confront Tony Woo, the most lethal man alive.‚Äč

Rage of Vengeance