From award-winning writer/director/actor, Edward Burns

     PURPLE VIOLETS stars SELMA BLAIR ("Hellboy," "Legally Blonde") as Patti, a once promising writer who was burying her passion beneath a real estate career and a loveless marriage, until a chance meeting with Brian (PATRICK WILSON, "Little Children,"  "Angels in America") rekindles her passion for writing and for love.  
     Brian was Patti's ex-lover from college who is now a very successful writer of trashy detective novels, although he also yearns for the respect of being a "serious writer." 
     DEBRA MESSING (NBC's "Smash," Emmy-nominated for TV's "The Starter Wife" and "Will & Grace") plays Patti's best friend, Kate, who still holds a grudge against her ex-college love, Murph (EDWARD BURNS, "Saving Private Ryan," "The Brothers McMullen"), for a perceived "infidelity."  
     Now, years later, Murph has transformed from being a party-animal in college to become a high-profile lawyer who will go to any length to win Kate back.  The cast is rounded out by DONAL LOGUE (TV's "Grounded for Life," TV's "The Knights of Prosperity") as Patti's scoundrel husband, and DENNIS FARINA ("Get Shorty," "Snatch") as Patti's condescending boss. 
     PURPLE VIOLETS is funny, romantic and triumphant. It speaks to anyone who has ever been in a relationship or questioned their purpose in life . . . which means all of us!‚Äč

Purple Violets