It started out as a routine wife-spying job for a jealous husband, but street-wise private investigator Jack Becker (JAY IRWIN, "Major League 2") is soon caught up in a deadly web of deceit and murder. 

      Jack thought that trailing Fromin's beautiful wife, Tracy, and finding her with her lover was an open and shut case. But this simple case became convoluted when Tracy's lover is murdered and Jack finds himself a prime suspect.

     Jack narrowly escapes from the cops and confronts Fromin about the apparent set-up. Fromin isn't there, but Lori, his gorgeous 18 year old step-daughter is, and she likes what she sees in Jack.

     Just as Lori begins to make her move on Jack, Fromin returns, denies the set-up and pays Jack off.

     When Jack returns home, he finds Lori already there -- waiting for him in his bed. Although Jack is able to thwart her sexual advances, he is unable to turn down her desperate plea for his professional services.

      Jack becomes entangled in the affairs of Lori and learns that Lori may have been victimized by any of Fromin, Tracy and the murder victim in an embezzlement scheme that may have stripped her of her large inheritance.

     The stakes become higher and the players more dangerous when family, friends, the murdered lover and even the cops are implicated in this deadly game of deception. Desperate to save their own lives, Jack and Lori are on the run.

     With someone else wanting them dead at every turn, Jack and Lori play every angle, dodge every bullet and beat the odds in this treacherous game of life, death and love.‚Äč