In the spirit of "JAGGED EDGE" and "SUSPECT," "PORTRAITS OF INNOCENCE" is a fast paced psychological thriller that centers around the intrigue and darkness of the world of criminal law.

Elaine Taylor (JENNIFER GREY "Dirty Dancing," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") is a young criminal attorney, aspiring to become a partner in her large New York law firm. George Kendall (COSTAS MANDYLOR "Mobsters," TV's "Picket Fences") is a world renowned photographer who has recently completed a book containing innocent portraits of young prostitutes - - a sharp contrast from the harsh reality of their lives on the street.

     When five of his models are murdered, Kendall's book receives more publicity than he imagined, and he becomes the prime suspect. Much to the public's amazement, Kendall refuses the services of the renowned senior partners at Elaine's law firm, and insists that Elaine act as his sole defense attorney.

     Elaine appears to be over her head as she battles Carolyn Price, the ambitious and often smug prosecuting attorney, and Ernie Hansen (MICHAEL IRONSIDE "Total Recall," "Top Gun"), the street-wise police detective who is certain of Kendall's guilt.

     As the murders continue, Elaine becomes caught in a web of seduction, and must battle between her attraction to Kendall and her growing suspicions of his guilt.‚Äč

Portraits of Innocence