Miles is the ultimate college ladies' man--smooth, smart and handsome.  There's no girl on campus he can't get.

     After returning from yet another successful conquest, Miles' best friend, Cleaver, has an ingenious idea for a wager.  Miles has to try and "complete" (that is, to "bed") an entire alphabet of girls prior to his graduation.

     Miles' skeptical friends are willing to bet against him:  so let the games begin!  The rules are simple.  The rarer the first letter of the girl's last name, the higher the odds.

     Money and pride are on the line, and all is going well for Miles until he comes face-to-face with Gabrielle Xeropolos, the most difficult letter--"X."   Gabrielle is beautiful, smart, funny and, most importantly, doesn't fall for Miles' false charms. Forced to drop his ladies' man image, Miles has to "get real" and expose himself emotionally for the first time.  Unexpectedly, Miles finds himself falling in love. 

     Now, he is torn between his ever-growing feelings for Gabrielle and winning the bet, Miles has a big choice to make.  Does he tell Gabrielle about the contest and risk losing her and the bet?  Or does he not tell her and "complete the mission," thus winning the bet but losing his integrity.   It's a choice that will determine, once and for all, whether guys can be mature adults, or are all guys (as we know they are) just PIGS!‚Äč