When an Italian woman flies across the Atlantic to New York City in search of her husband and finds him married to another woman, two wives, four children and one husband must find a way to survive . . . together.

     Maria's (MARIA GRAZIA CUCINOTTA, "Il Postino," "007: The World is Not Enough") adoring husband, Vincenzo (PIERFRANCESCO FAVINO, "Passato Prossimo,""El Alamein"), has left their home on the island of Procida, Italy in pursuit of fame, fortune and a successful sculpting career in New York City.

     While in the U.S., Vincenzo loses all contact with Maria and their two children due to the manipulative and jealous acts of his Italian nemesis, who is in love with Vincenzo's wife and intercepts his letters. 

     Maria, a local sandal maker, decides she has had enough of poverty and the ridicule of a small village, so she packs her bags and takes off with her children to find Vincenzo and bring him home.

     When Maria arrives in New York and finally manages to find Vincenzo, he is elated to finally be reunited with his beautiful wife and children. However, Maria is shocked and infuriated to find Vincenzo with his very pregnant American "greencard" wife, Charlene (BROOKE SHIELDS, "Blue Lagoon," "Endless Love," TV's "Suddenly Susan").

     Vincenzo pledges his love to Maria, but the obvious passion between the two cannot change the current situation. Maria's anger is matched by Charlene's fury.  Yet through the outrageous and hilarious events of the next few days when Charlene gives birth to her baby, the feuding women cannot help but bond over motherhood, a common husband and sweet revenge.

     In this comic entanglement of chased dreams, family complications and foolish love, this now extended family must find a way to make this ridiculous situation work. To this end, Charlene asks Maria to collect money owed to her by her crazy boss Paul (CHEVY CHASE, TV's "Community," "Foul Play," "Caddy Shack," "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Man of the House" and TV's original "Saturday Night Live"). When Maria arrives to meet him, she is talked into filling in as a model on his home-shopping program.

     However, the dress she is modeling pales in comparison to the homemade sandals she is wearing, and Paul hatches an idea to steal her design and sell her sandals. As the circumstances escalate, everyone joins the battle to stop Paul.

     When victory reigns, Vincenzo attempts to get back in the good graces of his family by taking a job at the Rent-A-Husband Agency, where his "husbandly services" are ultimately rented by his two wives.  With a little humility, true love prevails and the women find joy in watching Vincenzo finally clean house!‚Äč

Our Italian Husband