An army truck is attacked with a rocket in Bosnia. Sixteen American peace keepers are killed.

     Back in the United States, Denver police detective Jack Cooper (MICHAEL IRONSIDE) investigates a "John Doe" found floating in the Colorado river after an all night drinking binge. Jack and his partner Peter LaPierre, "Leper" (CURRIE GRAHAM), discover the body is that of a missing weapons clerk gone AWOL from the local military base.

     Later that night, the base is the target of a terrorist attack. A large cache of weapons is stolen, throwing the local military into a state of chaos.

     A Senator, secretly heading a Senate sub-committee investigating previous weapons thefts, arrives from Washington D.C. looking for the dead clerk. Jack concludes that the dead clerk and the theft must be connected; but when he pursues his investigation, the army and his own police captain tell him to back off.

     Jack smells a cover-up and soon discovers that Jennifer Vaughn (PETA WILSON "La Femme Nikkita"), an MP that Jack has known since she was a child, was taken hostage after a high speed chase and head on car crash with one of the terrorist's vehicles.

     Now it's personal, and Jack must defy orders to get to the truth and save Jennifer's life. Retracing the terrorist's escape route, Jack and Leper find the only eye witness to Jennifer's kidnapping, a teenage street punk named Todd (ROBBIE BOWEN). Scared and wary, Todd tells Jack that someone has already tried to kill him. He also claims that the terrorists' truck that was involved in the collision with Jennifer's MP vehicle was empty - no weapons!

     The dead weapons clerk's wallet turns up at a local bar with the Senator's home telephone number inside. It quickly becomes apparent that the theft at the army base was faked by the military to derail the Senator's investigation tracing weapons shipped to Bosnian Serbs and used against U.S. peace keepers.

     When Jack confronts Major Cameron (MARSHALL BELL), a top level military investigator with this information, Jack's young witness disappears. It's chillingly clear that elements in the military will go to any lengths to hide the missing weapons shipments.

     Jack and Leper link a top secret security compound on the military base with the stolen weapons. Without back up, they gain entry through a maze of sewer tunnels and come face to face with a team of military commandos led by Major Ron Bridges (FREDERIC FORREST), leader of the phoney terrorist attack.

     After a "fight to the death" confrontation in the concrete corridors of the bunker, they find Jennifer alive but are too late to save Todd who lies in a pool of blood, shot dead moments earlier by Bridges.

     As the surviving commandos shoot it out with Jack and Leper, Bridges escapes the sewers, the Senator next on his hit list. Jack's police captain and the Senator arrive at the base looking for the stolen weapons. Bridges shows up a moment later and tries to sneak off the base disguised as an MP.

Jack, Leper and Jennifer escape the sewers and Jennifer arrives at the security compound looking like she's escaped from Hell. Jennifer recognizes Bridges and he is forced to take the Senator hostage. When Jack and Leper arrive, Jack doesn't hesitate - he takes the chance and shoots Bridges-dead!‚Äč

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