In a loving and hilarious comedy about the high-stakes world of figure skating, three skating hopefuls are on a quest for Olympic Gold. The only problem? These girls don't have a chance of getting near the Olympics!

     These girls are part of Southern California's thriving figure skating community . . . the bottom part. But, in the land of opportunity, a dream in ones' heart and personal gain in ones' sights can propel almost anyone to stardom.

     With this in mind, the girls relentlessly fight their way to Olympic glory, determined to stop at nothing in order to win. But first they have to conquer the Regional Competition - and there can only be ONE winner. 

     Will it be the 200 pound Wendy Wodinski (MARISSA JARRET WINOKUR ("Melissa & Joey," Braodway's "Hairspray")?  With her super-plus libido, the support of her family and her cache of chocolate bars, she is ready to conquer the world. Or the beautiful, overachieving ice princess Veda Pierce (BARRET SWATEK "7th Heaven," "Just Shoot Me"), who responds to her over-bearing mother (WENDIE MALICK "Just Shoot Me") by routinely puking up her lunch. Or the bad girl of the rink, J.C. Cain (A.J. LANGER "Three Sisters," "My So-Called Life"), a chain smoking orphan girl with a penchant for leather miniskirts? 

     The skaters, their mothers and their coaches, lie, seduce and cheat their way to the top all under the watchful eye of Zamboni Phil ("Seinfeld's JASON ALEXANDER) keeping everybody constantly On Edge . . .  Let the Games begin!‚Äč

On Edge