NO ORDINARY HERO, features Academy Award winner MARLEE MATLIN (“Children of a Lesser God”) and internationally known deaf celebrity JOHN MAUCERE.

     Tony Kane (JOHN MAUCERE) plays a beloved deaf superhero on TV, but in real life he’s just a regular guy who happens to be deaf. 

     Eight-year-old Jacob Lang (ZANE HENCKER), also deaf, is having a hard time being bullied at school and misunderstood by his father.  While his dad means well, he insists that his son learn how to lip read and attend regular school classes rather than an American Sign Language class.  He doesn’t want his son to appear different, but his son is falling behind.  

     Meanwhile, Tony is struggling with the people at work and is starting to feel that a lot of the gags on the show are centered around the difficulties he has communicating with the outside world.  When Tony’s and Jacob’s paths cross, Tony must begin to reveal the man behind the cape and inspire a young deaf boy to believe in himself. 

     Celebratingdiversity and capturing the positive side of life, No Ordinary Hero” is based on the internationally known SuperDeafy character with a worldwide followingappealing to people of all backgrounds.  He was created to give deaf people their own superhero to look up to. 

      SuperDeafy has been turned into t-shirts, posters and dolls … and now a movie.  The film is completely open captioned making it fully accessible to deaf, hard of hearing and “signing impaired” audiences.

  • Over 360 million people around the world are deaf, and this film marks the first time in cinematic history that a Screen Actor’s Guild feature film is directed by and executive produced exclusively by a deaf team.  Both the deaf community and general audiences have been united in this celebration of deaf culture.

  • The film set an all-time attendance record from the past 22 years at the (Heartland Truly Moving Pictures) festival. It was amazing.” Tim Irwin,Heartland Truly Moving Pictures

  • A family friendly film and … a must see for parents who desire to have their children grow up celebrating the differences that exist between us.”  The Independent Critic

No Ordinary Hero