After a hard night of partying at their "Stars, Stripes, and Strippers" party, the Omega fraternity, better known as the most powerful fraternity at Hamilton University, find a baby on their doorstep.

     Not knowing who the father is other than it is someone currently in the fraternity, the Omega's agree to raise and pledge the infant.

     The President of the Omega fraternity, Zach "Hodges" Hodgkison soon learns raising an infant is a difficult task, and along with his fraternity brothers (which includes a Jersey Shore castoff and a Heisman Trophy winning Running back) Hodges begins to grow up under the umbrella of fatherhood.

     As a senior, it's Hodges' job to leave the Omega fraternity and Hamilton University in better shape than he left it in; so he selects freshman Adam "Pledge" Motes as his successor. But the antagonizing Rico of Phi Tau Tau vows to have the final say on the future of Hamilton University.

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