In a true story with all the intrigue of science fiction, acclaimed director KEN RUSSELL (The Who's "Tommy," "Altered States," "Women In Love") unfolds exciting events when he takes us on a fantastic journey through the life of one of the most controversial men of modern times -- psychic wonder, URI GELLER (NBC's "Phenomenon," "The Successor").

     Regarded as one of the most enigmatic minds in parapsychology, URI GELLER has repeatedly demonstrated the untapped potential of the human brain. Bending spoons and fixing broken clocks and watches through the power of thought are but the tip of the iceberg of GELLER's incredible powers.

     Studies by some of the world's top scientists have confirmed what skeptics have refused to believe. One such scientist, portrayed by TERENCE STAMP ("Priscilla Queen Of The Desert"), follows GELLER's remarkable feats, and openly testifies to phenomena that conventional wisdom cannot explain.

     From dematerializing objects in sealed cases, to numbing the heart of a plagued rat by sheer will power, experiments with URI GELLER have yielded results that simply cannot be ignored.

     At the film's end, the real URI GELLER appears on-screen and performs the first ever interactive psychic experiment with a movie audience.  Have your broken clocks and watches ready and participate in GELLER's experiment!‚Äč