Christian (SEAN PATRICK FLANERY "Powder," TV's "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," "Whiskey Down"), Damian (TYRIN TURNER "Menace 2 Society," "Panther"), Jack (NICHOLAS SADLER "Scent of A Woman," "Mobsters," "The Last Supper") and Alex (MICHAEL BONDIES) are four aspiring actors who will stop at nothing to be the best.

     In a theatrical production where they are cast as bank robbers, the four actors cannot get a feel of their roles. In desperation, they are introduced to a new source of motivation -- real guns.

     With guns in hand, each of them begins to acquire a taste for power; and in their search for inspiration, reality begins to blur and "method acting" begins to take on an entirely new meaning. With the clock ticking and show time rapidly approaching, their lives begin to spin out of control.

     With mounting pressure, the group is driven to the final stage -- they need a real bank. In their undying search for the ultimate inspiration, the four plan to enter a bank, pretend to commit a robbery and then leave in order to get a "real feel" for the robbery.

     However, once inside the bank, the actors take it too far. It all becomes too real, and before they know it, there is no turning back.‚Äč


The Method