This suspense thriller explores the lies and deceptions that lurk behind the murder of ALFRED RUSSO (CHRIS ATKINS "The Blue Lagoon").

     CADE RUSSO (LIAM WAITE "Simpatico") has come back home to attend his father's funeral and the reading of his will. Unfortunately, this trip is about to cost CADE a lot more than he thought, because behind the man he thought he knew lies some unanswered questions, some unfinished business and some unavoidable trouble.

     When CADE left home, he vowed never to return or see his father again. Never -- until his father was discovered murdered with an apparent suicide cover up, leaving millions of dollars in his will that everyone now wants a piece of.

     Offering to help CADE are two of his father's shady confidants, MARTY (TOM ARNOLD "True Lies," "Nine Months") and ANDREW (WILLIAM FORSYTHE "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo," "Firestorm," "The Untouchables"). They forcefully enter CADE'S life telling him that it is for his protection.

     CADE reluctantly accepts their help even though he is unsure of their intentions. Together they embark on a journey to find the millions of dollars left to CADE in the will and to make sure that he isn't killed in the process. CADE has no idea who to trust.

     His stepmother REBECCA (RACHEL TICOTIN "Con Air," "Total Recall," "Natural Born Killers") is determined to collect from her husband's will.  She has come too far to walk away empty handed.

     Police Detective ERICKSON (ED LAUTER "The Longest Yard," "Mulholland Falls"), who happens to be "on the take" from one of ALFRED's old business associates, GLITTERMAN (CLARENCE WILLIAMS III "The General's Daughter," "Half Baked"), needs the money to pay back GLITTERMAN who will kill him if he does not do it soon.

     While dodging bullets in an attempt to stay alive, CADE begins to unravel the true circumstances behind his father's murder, and the murderer's identity. $3,000,000.00 is at stake. Everyone is suspect. Could everyone be guilty?

     Malicous Intent boasts the cinematography of Gary B. Kibbe ("Vampires," "Escape from LA," "Robocop 3") and the editing of Tony Lombardo ("My Cousin Vinny," "Sgt. Bilko").

Malicious Intent