It has been five years since Vinny (JAY ACOVONE) dropped out of the New York Mafia scene.  A shoot-out five years prior amongst rival families resulted in a tragedy that Vinny could not handle.

     Vinny is now reformed, leading a hermit-like existence in Los Angeles. He works in a used bookstore, has no friends or social life, goes to church and lights a candle every day. He is, however, still guilt ridden.

     Vinny believes that his new, quiet life-style is permanent - even when his nephew, Anthony (MATT LeBLANCTV's hit show "Friends"), visits him from New York and moves into his apartment. Vinny is wrong!

     With a dazzling smile and a great zest for life, Anthony, who is an irresistible charmer and the "life-of-the-party" wherever he goes, takes the city, the girls and his Uncle Vinny's quietude by storm.

     Vinny begins to loosen up, to live again, laugh again, and - when his nephew introduces him to the beautiful Danielle (STEPHANIE RICHAROS) - to love again.  But the violence that Vinny has managed to elude since his escape from New York suddenly erupts once again when Anthony witnesses the horror of two of his friends being senselessly killed in a random drive-by gang shooting.

     The victims are the grandchildren of Willy (LOU RAWLS), the gentle and heroic neighborhood patriarch.  Vinny still carries a dark, painful secret and initially refuses to get involved in anything outside of his own concerns - even when the grief stricken Anthony risks his own life and sets out to avenge the murders of his friends.

     But Vinny has no choice, and he finally gets involved, finding the courage deep within himself to take action once again.

     In a gun-blazing shoot-out, reminiscent of his last battle in New York, Vinny must now reveal the dark, terrible secret of what had happened five years ago; and Vinny finally finds redemption from his painful past, realizing that he can now begin living a full and happy life again . . . lookin' good . . . lookin' stylish . . . Lookin' Italian.‚Äč

Lookin' Italian aka Showdown