Roger, a thirty-something father of two, has reached the point in his life when he questions everything: his creativity, his career and even love. 

     In his 7th year of marriage and on his son's 7th birthday, Roger's mother-in-law (Oscar nominated KATHLEEN QUINLAN) takes his wife, Jen, and their two kids to Hawaii for vacation. Roger is left to catch up on his work and meet his demanding deadlines. 

     Just when he thinks he can work with no distractions, Roger finds out that his wife has offered their guest-house to her "old" yoga instructor. Making matters worse, when she arrives, this "old" yogi turns out to be the young, open minded and enchantingly beautiful Gillian (ALI COBRIN "American Reunion"), who is naively unaware of her affect on men. 

     Roger can barely concentrate when Gillian is in the backyard stretching, dancing or doing her seductive yoga moves. The circumstances that he finds himself in would challenge even the most devoted husband  In other words, Roger's week is NOT going as planned.

     Under his nosy neighbor's (LIN SHAYE "There's Something About Mary") watchful eye, Roger must try to survive these 7 days, finish his project, keep his pants on and avoid the 7 year itch.

     At the end of the week, will Gillian save our stressed out Roger . . . or stretch him too far?‚Äč

Life's an Itch