In this edgy film noir thriller, small time divorce lawyer John MacDonald (DANIEL TRAVIS, "Open Water," "Thank You For Smoking") becomes involved with an alluring married woman named Gloria Conovan (JUSTINE EYRE, "Ocean Ave.").

     Gloria has a prenuptial agreement with her wealthy husband Tom (STEVE DuMOUCHEL, "The Hawk Is Dying"), which states that if he is ever unfaithful, she will be entitled to a huge sum of money as a divorce settlement.

     John and Gloria want that money and devise a scheme to set Tom up, enlisting the help of another woman (CARLA OSELLA, TV's "CSI: Miami").   Her job is to seduce Gloria's husband while Gloria's private investigator (TIM WARE, "Walk The Line," "Monster") documents his infidelity.

     At first, everything seems to work out according to the lovers' plans, but as the plot cleverly unfolds, it becomes clear that nothing is quite as it seems, leading to a shocking conclusion.‚Äč

Last Time Forever