POP (DANNY AIELLO, "Lucky Number Slevin," "Do the Right Thing") is nearing the end of his life and has one last request:  he wants one of his two sons to marry and produce a grandson.

     When his brother dies "in the act," it's up to JEFF (T.R. KNIGHT, TV's "Grey's Anatomy") to complete the mission.  One problem -- Jeff is in the seminary, studying to be a priest!

     Not wanting to let his father down, Jeff leaves the seminary and embarks on a journey full of crazy dates and odd-ball women. He is determined to find a woman that he can marry and carry out his father's dying wish of starting a family and carrying on the family name.

     Co-stars veteran actors VINCENT PASTORE (HBO's "The Sopranos"), FRANK VINCENT (HBO's "The Sopranos"), JOE PISCOPO (TV's "Saturday Night Live"), BARBARA FELDON (TV's "Get Smart"), SABRINA LLOYD (TV's "Numbers"), and MARIO CONTONE (TV's "Sex and the City").‚Äč

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