Jonathan Lyle (SEYMOUR CASSEL "Indecent Proposal," "It Could Happen To You") is a retired doctor who is confined to a retirement home because of his failing heart. Jonathan now spends most of his time watching the kids in his neighborhood playing baseball.

Although he loves watching them, he regrets that when he was a boy he never had the chance to play ball -- Jonathan grew up during the tough times of the Depression, and baseball was a luxury that Jonathan's family could not afford.

Jonathan's friend Emma sees this sadness in Jonathan. Concerned about his ailing health, she makes a deal with a MYSTIC who gives Jonathan a second chance to achieve his dream of being a young boy again. The only conditions: once transformed, Jonathan will have no recollection of his past, and he can only be young for five days.

At exactly 6 o'clock, on the fifth day the process will be reversed, and he will once again turn into an old man. Jonathan goes with Emma to the MYSTIC, and is magically transformed. The "young" Jonathan (THOMAS GUIRY "The Sandlot," "Lassie," Disney's "four Diamonds") shows up at the local arcade where all the kids who he watched playing baseball hang out. He is immediately drafted onto their Little League baseball team as they are in need of a replacement player.

In the first four days of the most incredible adventure of his lifetime, Jonathan not only lives out his dream of playing baseball, but he also experiences young love and the special bond of young friendships. He is also able to teach the team's over-zealous coach (baseball great GARY CARTER) and the other players an important lesson . . . that the real essence of being young and playing baseball is having fun.

It is now day 5, and Jonathan and his team are in the last inning of the championship playoffs where he is about to make the play of his lifetime . . . just as the hour is about to reach 6 o'clock. Also stars baseball great DAVE WINFIELD.‚Äč

Last Home Run