Have you ever wondered what goes on in the ladies room . . . ?

     This romantic comedy takes a step into this forbidden zone where hearts are broken, dreams are renewed, lives are changed and the deepest secrets are revealed.

     Gemma (LORRAINE BRACCO "Goodfellas," "Medicine man") is an aging, yet beautiful diva and star of a Broadway play.  Getting ready for her theatrical performance, she is forced to give up her personal dressing room due to flooding and must get dressed in the ladies room with her co-star, Julia (MOLLY PARKER "Kissed," "Bliss").  Julia is an ambitious young actress who is hoping to replace the older Gemma as the public's - and her husband's - darling.

     At the same time, Lauren (German superstar VERONICA FERRES "Rossini") is preparing for an evening at the opera with her secret lover, Roberto, (JOHN MALKOVICH "Con Air," "The Man in the Iron Mask," "Dangerous Liaisons"), an Italian millionaire, who she believes is divorced.

     When Lauren and Roberto arrive at the opera and Lauren goes for champagne, Roberto is shocked when his very pregnant wife, Lucia (GRETA SCACCHI "The Player," "Shattered," "Presumed Innocent") innocently shows up, telling him that she did not want him to spend the night alone.  Roberto finds Lauren and tells her that she has to go home because his "ex" wife suddenly showed up.

     The distraught Lauren makes a detour to the ladies room.  On their way into the performance, Lucia, over the objections of Roberto, enters the same ladies room.  Lauren is crying in one of the stalls and Lucia convinces her to come out and talk to her.

     The two women, oblivious to who each other is, begin to pour their hearts out.  Suddenly, during their conversation, Lauren discovers that Lucia is Roberto's pregnant wife, and Lucia discovers that Lauren is Roberto's lover!

     Lives change when secrets are revealed in . . . the Ladies Room.‚Äč

Ladies Room