Hopscotch (ANDREW HAWKES "Backdraft"), a small time hood, is about to make the "score" of his lifetime.  He is going to exchange three million in counterfeit dollars for a million of the real thing.

     Frankie (BRUCE PAYNE "Passenger 57"), retired from his own life of crime, is brought in on the deal.  When the exchange goes bad in a hail of gunfire, three men are dead, including DANNY (Mark-Paul Gosselaar TV's "Saved By The Bell") who is discovered to be an undercover agent.

     Much to the delight of Hopscotch and Frankie, the two friends find themselves in possession of both the counterfeit and real bills.

     Ecstatic to have come into all of this unexpected cash, they do not realize that an unseen witness, Colleen (HILARY SWANK "The Next Karate Kid," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") is out to find them and avenge her brother Danny's death.  Also hot on their trail are a police detective, and Captain Evans (MICHAEL GROSS "Big Business," "Tremors," TV's "Family Ties"), who may have a secret agenda of their own.

     Throw in a group of mysterious hit men who are also out to recover the money, and the two friends find themselves entangled in a dangerous world of double-crossers and murderers. Frankie and Hopscotch turn to Hopscotch's brother, Marty (CORBIN BERSEN "Major League," TV's "LA Law"), to hide from their pursuers.

     While the two friends are returning to the city after hiding the money, they are attacked by a carload of masked goons, and Hopscotch is killed. Frankie discovers to his horror that they have been double-crossed and that Marty was one of their attackers.

     Frankie is left alone to find out who Marty is working for, to convince Colleen that he didn't kill her brother, and to recover the money before the police and the counterfeiters find him.‚Äč