Emily Brown (MEREDITH BISHOP, TV's Nickelodeon show "The Secret World of Alex Mack") has a problem. She shoplifts and has nothing to show for it but an apartment full of things she doesn't need.

     Despite her psychiatrist's (MICHAEL MOURI, "Flashdance,", "Finding Forrester") best efforts and a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs, her compulsion consumes her. She alleviates her otherwise hum drum life by alternating extremely clever heists with the usual grab-and-run tactics of basic Kleptomaniacs, often bolting through security buzzers and leading store personnel on captivating chases throughout the city.

     Her problems escalate when she is caught on tape by Nick, (JESU GARCIA, "Traffic," "When We Were Soldiers," "Collateral Damage") a department store "loss prevention specialist." Rather than busting her, Nick  who feels no particular commitment toward his job or his annoying supervisor  is impressed enough to let her walk away . . . at least this time.

     In awe of the cool control and wit of Emily, Nick tracks her down and becomes increasingly obsessed with her. But Emily meets her match in Nick who has shady appetites of his own. His hopes of working to get the cash to start his own private security firm have been thwarted by alimony payments and his poor credit history.     

     Desperate for cash, Nick goes to immigrant loan shark, Ivan (HENRY CZERNY, TV's "The Boys of St. Vincent," "Clear and Present Danger," "Mission Impossible," "The Ice Storm") with a plan to buy and sell a shipment of Ecstasy. But the deal goes sour, leaving Nick under constant threat from Ivan and his world spiraling out of control.

     As Emily and Nick hook up, they work each other like the con artists that they are, becoming more embroiled in crime, cons and their sizzling impulses.

     Complicating matters more is the arrival of Emily's mother (Emmy award winning actress LEIGH TAYLOR-YOUNG, "Slackers," TV's "Picket Fences," "Dallas") whose presence further unravels Emily's delicate psyche.  When Emily's mother unexpectedly shows up at the department store during her "last job," Emily is thrown off guard, leading to a totally unpredictable climax.‚Äč