Hart Island in New York City is deserted . . . except for the one million people who are buried there in mass graves.

     Since 1862, the poor and the unknown dead have been buried there. To this day, prisoners bury up to fifty of New York's dead on Hart Island every week.

     In this gripping supernatural thriller,  a wealthy entrepreneur has his sights set on developing the island.  But the dead have other plans . . . 

     Police detective MELISSA O'NEIL (TALISA SOTO "License to Kill," "Mortal Kombat") is transporting two prisoners, one of whom is TONY MATOS (BRUCE RAMSAY "Alive," "Hellraiser"), from jail to the cemetery on Hart Island to work on inmate detail. At the same time, a multi-millionaire developer, MR. KING (MALCOLM McDOWELL "The Player," "A Clockwork Orange") travels with his engineer to Hart Island for a groundbreaking ceremony, where he will unveil his plans to build a city for the poor on the island.

     But, as Mr. King ceremonially digs into the earth, something deep and horrifying is unleashed. The ferry that carried the passengers to the island must return to the City, but the engineer is missing, so the group sets out to find him.

     Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a mysterious cloud of flies attacks the group. When one of the inmates is bit by a fly and dies almost instantaneously, the panic-stricken group flees for cover in the cemetery office. The flies continue to attack the building, and the group is trapped.

     The distant horn of the ferryboat brings hope to the group. They rush to the dock, but the ferry drifts off...unknown to them, the ferry boat captain has also been a victim of the flies. The survivors now find themselves marooned on Hart Island...with no escape!

     Despair rises as the prison warden also dies - a victim of the flies, leaving only MELISSA, TONY and MR. KING in their quest for survival.

     In a harrowing climax, the truth is revealed and the dead make one last stand - silencing the one who has disturbed them from their eternal slumber.‚Äč

Island of the Dead