Middleweight boxing champ Shane Casey (GARY STRETCH, Zalman King's "Business For Pleasure," "Dead Connection") has looks that are as lethal to women as his fists are in the ring. Wanting to change his life, Shane leaves Las Vegas with his beautiful wife, Katherine (VANESSA SADDLER), to produce music in Los Angeles, but is not able to shake his shady past.

     When Katherine begs him to find a better way to pay the bills, Shane is lured back to his old underworld connections. In a recording studio in Hollywood, Shane is introduced to Lola (TAMARA MELLO), a sultry singer from New Orleans. He thinks that he has found the voice that will make his career and turn his life around.

     Instead, after Lola seduces him, she is found dead in her apartment and Shane becomes the prime suspect in her homicide case. Lola's jealous lover, Paul Decker (JOHN SCHAFER, "The Return To Two Moon Junction"), was the dirty money connected to Shane's past, and he vows to avenge Lola's murder.

     Decker hunts down Shane and kidnaps Katherine luring Shane in for the final round-- the fight of his life.‚Äč