* An HBO Premiere Movie *

     Revenge and greed are behind a woman's motivation to destroy her brother-- the last surviving member of her family.

     Chaz Donaldi (BRYAN KESTNER) is about to learn the reason that some passions are forbidden and some desires are dangerous when his sexy and mysterious half sister, Chapbelle (JOAN SEVERANCE), returns from Italy and re-enters his life. Driven apart by their father after an unspoken sexual "incident" when they were children, now, many years later, Chapbelle appears at Chaz's doorstep.

     Their father has died, and unbeknownst to Chaz, he has been left with the entire inheritance, leaving Chapbelle with nothing. Used to getting what she wants, Chapbelle wants her father's inheritance and is intent on getting Chaz tangled into the web that she is about to weave.

     Susceptible to his half-sister's charms, Chaz's sexual attraction towards Chapbelle mounts. Slowly, he succumbs to his desires, and soon a jealous triangle between Chaz, Chapbelle and Chaz's best friend, Karl (JOHN VARGAS) is formed. Chapbelle will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, and she seduces Karl to fall in love with her and to become part of her plot to murder Chaz so that she will be the sole heir to her father's inheritance.

     Chaz becomes suspicious when he discovers that his father's insurance policy has been doctored to reflect that the date of death has been changed to a day in the future. His suspicions mount when he views slides of Chapbelle's paintings which reveal her hatred toward men.

     Positioning Chaz and Karl against one another, Chapbelle's scheme heats to an exciting climax when she convinces Karl that Chaz has raped her and gives Karl a weapon to avenge her hurt. All become involved in a frenzied fight and all bets are off in their final twist of fate.‚Äč

In Dark Places