A picturesque, pleasantly boring, normal suburb, USA. Husbands work, wives cook, daughters study diligently, sons play basketball, ministers tend to their flock, policemen carry on being nice to kind old ladies. A nice, normal healthy feeling abounds in this quiet backwater of American Suburbia . . .

     The arrival of the ice cream truck and its enticing jingle transforms this latent tranquillity into a manifesto of sheer, bloody terror!

     The quaint looking, yet sinister ice cream vendor attracts an eager group of kids who love to indulge in their favorite pastime - gobbling up ice cream! A scream in the night is suddenly hushed up - and the first victim is missing.  When police detectives are sent in to investigate, it becomes apparent that this ice cream vendor isn't quite what he seems to be: and his ice cream, although quite delectable, does seem to contain certain unusual ingredients that are incredibly digestive!

    When a small boy is seen by his pals being bundled straight into the ice cream freezer, the hunt is on. The parents, who seem to be too engrossed in their own problems, don't heed their children's warnings. So the kids take it upon themselves to trap this murderous supplier of goodies, who keeps on eliminating nice people . . .

     Following many pitfalls and countless hopeless looking situations, the traps and counter traps finally result in the ice cream man's downfall, brilliantly maneuvered by a smart boy who will and must have his revenge - one way or the other!

     This thrilling shocker is full of fun, surprises and terror!‚Äč

Ice Cream Man