Meet Hugo (ALYSSA MILANO "Fear," "Vampire's Embrace," TV's "Who's The Boss"), a lonely disenfranchised female pool cleaner.  She begins her day at dawn.  She has 44 pools to clean today.

     Hugo's mother, Minerva (CATHY MORIARTY Oscar nomination for "Raging Bull," "Casper," "Another Stakeout") is a chronic gambler with a debt to pay on schedule or she will have to sleep with her bookie as barter.

     Hugo's father, Henry (MALCOLM McDOWELL "Star Trek 5: Generations," "A Clockwork Orange," "Caligula") is a lost soul trying to kick a menu of addictions -- particularly his "ring dang do" -- or heroin addiction.

     Franz (ROBERT DOWNEY JR. "Restoration," Oscar Nomination for "Chaplin," "Natural Born Killers," "Only You"), one of Hugo's typically difficult clients, is a film director out on bail ("Thank God its Los Angeles") after having shot and killed a movie extra for over-acting. Franz owes Hugo back pay for six years of pool cleaning.

     Another client, Chic (RICHARD LEWIS "Leaving Las Vegas," "Robin Hood, Men in Tights") is a bully who demands that his empty pool be filled by 6:30 PM despite special laws that are in effect prohibiting the use of tap water for swimming pools. 

     Overwhelmed by the day ahead of her, Hugo implores Henry to help her out by collecting Chicalini's water in a legal fashion -- from the Colorado River.  Along the way he meets a mysterious HITCHHIKER (SEAN PENN "Dead Man Walking," "Carlito's Way," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High") who acts both as Henry's helpmate and guardian angel.

     Hugo, with Minerva in tow working as her daughter's assistant to earn money to pay off her gambling debt, answers a phone message from a new customer, Floyd (PATRICK DEMPSEY "Can't Buy Me Love," "Outbreak," "Some Girls").  Floyd has ALS (Lou Gaehrig's Disease) which keeps him trapped in a wheelchair, speaking with the assistance of a talking device.  He joins the two women on the rest of their journey and quickly brings love, luck, and laughter into Hugo's world making all that is wrong turn right.‚Äč

Hugo Pool