In this exciting kid’s soccer movie with a kick, Henry Butler (STEVE GUTTENBERG “Three Men and A Baby,” “Police Academy I, II and III,” “Cocoon”) is a former soccer hero who now must perform community service at a group home for abandoned children.

   Upon his arrival, the kids can’t help but give him a hard time, playing practical jokes and being generally unruly.

     Karen (SOPHIE LORAIN “C’t’a ton tour Laura Cadieux”), the home’s administrator, finds out that Butler’s soccer career ended when he was caught gambling.  Her soft spot for both Butler and the kids convinces her that by his teaching the kids soccer, both Butler and the kids could potentially find a purpose in life.

     At first, Butler refuses to teach the kids. These kids have been nothing but trouble to him and the memories of his past career is just too much.  So, Karen takes matters into her own hands and decides to coach the kids herself.

     The kids are a hopeless group of misfits.  They have no uniforms, no sponsor and continually lose all of their games.  Even so, soccer becomes a way of channeling the energy of these kids and strengthens the bond between them.

     When the coach of one of the other teams publicly humiliates the Home Team, Butler comes to their defense and finally feels compelled to step in. With Butler’s guidance, the Home Team slowly becomes a well honed, competitive team.

     Just when things seem to be going their way, the group home burns down and social services has no choice but to separate the kids and place them all in different foster homes.  Determined to keep the kids together, Butler and Cookie (MICHEL PERRON “The Jackal”), the home’s cook, formulate a plan to find the money to keep the kids together. 

     The last game of the tournament becomes the turning point in everybody’s life.  If the Home Team wins, they will be able to stay together.  If they lose, they will be separated.  The game reaches its climax with a last penalty kick.  AND THE HOME TEAM WINS! 

     With enough money to rebuild the home, the Kids stay together -- and Butler and Karen just might become the group’s foster parents.

Home Team