GUYER DARK HERO:  Half Man, Half Alien, All Hero

An alien armor, called the Guyver, has invaded the body of Sean Barker. 

     Although Sean does not understand the secrets of this force which now lives within him, he only uses his powers to fight evil. Sean, in constant search for the truth about the Guyver and his own destiny, is drawn by an unknown force to the caves of Utah where he joins an expedition and uncovers a spaceship which might reveal the mystery.

     Unfortnately, he also discovers the Kronos Corporation, a corrupt alien corporate empire which he thought he had destroyed long ago.  The soldiers of Kronos Corporation capture Sean and prepare to steal the power of the Guyver to control the fate of the Earth.

     The followers of Kronos beckon Sean to join them. With the corporation's help, he could rule mankind. But Sean knows his own destiny: his powers are to protect humanity, not destroy it.

     The Guyver, with his armor and super-human powers, easily overtakes his enemies which even include alien beings of enormous strength. That is, until Sean is led to a face-to-face confrontation with a sinister second Guyver, a dangerous alien whose powers are greater than Sean's.

     An incredible finale is highlighted by a battle which takes place between the two most powerful forces in the galaxy to decide the fate of mankind.‚Äč

Guyver: Dark Hero