When someone starts using the a pair of hedge clippers on the more snobbish patrons of a posh country club, rumors fly that the slice-and-dice handiwork is the signature of THE GREENSKEEPER (Baseball's controversial JOHN ROCKER), a serial killer long thought dead from an explosion years ago.

     ALLEN (ALLELON RUGGIERO "Dead Poets Society", "Thinner", "Fallen"), is an aspiring screenwriter whose mother owns the country club where he works. ALLEN'S ordinary life takes a drastic turn when he begins having violent nightmares, where he is haunted by visions of THE GREENSKEEPER. 

     Though his comedic roommate STYLES (RON LESTER "Varsity Blues" "Not Just Another Teen Movie" "Popular") constantly tries to cheer him up, ALLEN is driven to solve the mystery of THE GREENSKEEPER.

     After picking up clues from OTIS (THOMAS MERDIS "My Cousin Vinny" "A Time To Kill"), his co-worker at the club, and MR. ANDERSON, ALLEN'S creepy stepfather, ALLEN begins to suspect he has a connection to THE GREENSKEEPER he never imagined. Meanwhile, the beautiful jetsetters of the club, led by MARY JANE, (CHRISTI TAYLOR "Playboy's lingerie playmate of the year") decide to sneak into the club after hours for a wild night of skinny-dipping, partying and sex.

     THE GREENSKEEPER decides to crash the party, and armed with golf equipment and landscaping tools, begins picking off the party goers one by one. With golf tees, ball washers, hole makers, tennis ball launchers and hedge clippers, THE GREENSKEEPER inflicts horrific deaths on the horny teens with ingenious methods. Joining forces with his new love interest ELENA, (hot Latino newcomer MELISSA PONZIO) ALLEN races to save his friends at the club.

     As the body county rises, ALLEN and ELENA must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to survive.  Because when you've got a tee time with THE GREENSKEEPER, it's par for the corpse!‚Äč