Fasten your seatbelts for this action-packed thriller about the dramatic life of a bank robber in L.A.  Starring the real-life bank robber as . . . himself.

     The GENTLEMAN BANDIT takes us on the journey of a young ex-con, NICK VINCENT (played by CHARLIE MATTERA, the actual ex-bank robber) who is unable to find legitimate work following his release from prison. Although he tries to make a decent living, he just can't seem to make ends meet.  So, he returns to doing the one thing that he does best: crime.

     When NICK is reunited with his beautiful ex-girlfriend MARIA (JUSTINE MICELI "Dangerous Beauty," TV's "NYPD Blue") and her daughter ALLY (KRISTINA MALOTA "Erin Brokovich," "She's So Lovely"), he gets more than he bargained for.  Although skeptical at first, MARIA's neighbor, HARRY (ED LAUTER "Leaving Las Vegas," "Born on the Fourth of July"), soon sees something in NICK that reminds him of himself years ago.  Before long, HARRY takes NICK under his wing and teaches him a refined form of bank robbery, making NICK's days as a masked burglar over.

     As NICK transforms into a "gentleman" bank robber - confident enough to walk into a bank wearing a fine, tailored suit and only a band-aid over his nose as a disguise - his string of robberies begins. His cool, controlled manner enables him to walk right into the bank where manager PHIL CUMMINGS (RYAN O'NEAL "Paper Moon," "The Main Event") enthusiastically greets him, thinking he is just another customer opening an account. But when NICK calmly asks him to fill his case with money, PHIL quickly discovers that this is no ordinary customer.

     Ultimately, PHIL sees a way to become more involved with NICK's scheme and soon PHIL and his bank are paid another visit by this daring bandit.  After executing a series of successful bank heists throughout L.A., NICK becomes dubbed the "Gentleman Bandit" by the press, and his notoriety soars.  But NICK's past soon catches up with him.  His old running partner, MANNY (PETER GREENE "Pulp Fiction," "Permanent Midnight"), now a dirty copy, uncovers his schemes and attempts to blackmail him. 

      Winding through the streets of Beverly Hills, the final showdown pits old enemies against new friends, as past and present collide in a hail of bullets along Beverly Hills' famed Rodeo Drive.‚Äč

Gentleman Bandit