Charlie Nash (NATE RICHERT) is an expert at testing video games. His life has become unbearable since the tragic shooting of his girlfriend, Kate (DANIELLE FISHEL "Boy Meets World"), by a crooked cop named Ronald Hobbes (PATRICK KILPATRICK), and he spends his days buried in his work.

     The arrival of a mysterious package catches Charlie's interest. Inside, Charlie discovers a new video game system with a wireless headset and a strange looking camera. Putting on the headset, Charlie is amazed to hear the game introduce itself as GameBox 1.0, the ultimate gaming experience.

     The game instructs him to photograph his friends, who will then become characters in the game. Intrigued, Charlie chooses Ronald Hobbes as the villain.  "Once you begin", says GameBox 1.0, "you won't be able to quit." Fascinated, Charlie presses START . . .

     Charlie is shocked to discover himself fully immersed in an incredible 3-D game world. There he meets the villain Ao Shun, a Samurai warrior with the face of Ronald Hobbes. Charlie is up to the challenge. But the game takes an unexpected turn when Charlie finds himself face to face with a character named Princess, who looks and sounds just like his lost girlfriend Kate.

     Shaken up and confused, Charlie realizes that memories have been extracted from his mind. Then suddenly things get worse when Charlie is shot and the sensation of pain is all too real!

     Charlie QUITS the game but suffers from frightening hallucinations, unable to distinguish between the real world and the world of the game. Slipping into a coma, he finds himself trapped in the game against his will. His only way back to reality is to play and win.

     Charlie must utilize all his expert gaming skills to navigate through the dangerous streets of a crime-ridden city, a zombie infested forest, and a war zone on an alien planet. He and Princess struggle to stay a few steps ahead of Ao Shun's relentless pursuit.

     After many battles with street thugs, zombies, and aliens, Charlie will have to face Ao Shun in a final confrontation.  In the end, in order to win . . . he will have to choose between the one he loves and life itself.

GameBox 1.0 . . . Wanna play?‚Äč

Gamebox 1.0