"It's like 'The Hangover' and 'Old School' had a drunken one night stand," Shark Firestone (

     In the tradition of "Bachelor Party," a campus stud attempts to make it through his bachelor party without giving in to many female temptations in his path. Duffy (RANDY WAYNE, "Cougar Hunting," "Secret Live of the American Teenager") was the king of the Gamma House, the biggest party house on campus, where women and beer flowed freely.

     However, after meeting the beautiful Adriana (CAROLINE D'AMORE, "Sorority Row,") Duffy vows to be faithful to her alone . . . Easier said than done!

     Duffy keeps his vow to Adriana, but has to pass one final test before the wedding, his bachelor party, to prove that he can be faithful to one woman forever.

    But can he resist the epic party of the year, featuring tempting Asian masseuses, beautiful ex-girlfriends, and playing herself, porn star JESSE JANE? . . . Easier said than done!‚Äč

Frat Party