Prisoner 143425... He was forced into the living hell of the Lodz ghetto. He was brutally torn from his family, beaten, starved, and tortured for only one reason. He was a Jew.

     For 5 long years, Felix Opatowski suffered the inexplicable horror of the Holocaust. His life faded into a nightmare as he was sentenced to slave labor in the death camps.

     When Felix found himself in Auschwitz, he dared to join a covert uprising with a desperate goal  blowing up the infamous crematoriums. Their plan would slow the brutal massacre of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and it was Felix's role to smuggle explosives through the camp. It was their time to take revenge upon the terror of Auschwitz.

     This compelling documentary will take you on Felix's journey back to Austria and Poland as he revisits memories and communicates a story that must not be forgotten.‚Äč


Following in Felix's Footsteps:

A Hero of the Holocaust