Worldwide licensees include NBC US, Nickelodeon Australia, VRT Belgium, Family Channel Canada, DR TV Denmark, FInnish Broadcasting Finland, SVT Sweden, Eagle Pictures Italy, NHK Japan and many more!

Turner launched their Boomerang Channel in Latin America with "Flight 29 Down."

Produced by Stan Rogow ("Lizzie Maguire"), Shauna Shapiro Jackson & David Jackson with Discovery Kids.

     FLIGHT 29 DOWN -- best described as"LOST for Kids" -- is a live-action series (30 x 22) that follows the adventures of young castaways who are stranded on a South Pacific island after their Plane crashes on its way to a "once in a lifetime" eco-camping adventure.

     Far from home and with little hope of rescue, these kids must not only struggle to survive the dangers of a wild, tropical paradise, they will also face the challenge of figuring out how to get along with each other.  It's a toss up as to which will be more difficult.

     Shot on location in Hawaii, FLIGHT 29 DOWN stars CORBIN BLEU ("High School Musical") and was created for DISCOVERY KIDS/ THE HUB and aired in the U.S. on NBC.

‚ÄčNominated for:

  • Best Family TV Show (Drama)
  • Best Leading Young Actor on a TV Series 10 and Under: Allen Alvarado
  • Best Leading Young Actress on a TV Series: Hallee Hirsh
  • Recognition from the Young Artists Awards whose founder is a member of the Foreign Press Association and a member of the Golden Globes.


  • Flight 29 is a hit," Tim Ryan, Star Bulletin
  • "Tune in for . . . Flight 29 Down packed with action, adventure and hot boys, The O.C. And One Tree Hill" Teen Magazine
  • "Penguin Young Reader Group, will publish the first two books in a series based on "29 Down."  New York Times
  • "Look out for the Lost-like series, Flight 29 Down" Twist Magazine
  • "Think Gilligan's Island for the Lost generation . . . The cast is filled with a talented set of future stars" TV Guide
  • "Good television . . . Populated by a lively, talented group of young actors and written with teen saavy and sensitivity"The Hollywood Reporter

Flight 29 Down