The Eldon Thacker Show debuted on the legendary 1510 WLAC with one goal in mind:  To bring fun and entertainment back to radio.  

WLAC, one of the legendary signals in the industry, where the likes of John R (John Richbourg) and Bill Hoss Allen ruled the airwaves in the late 1950s, is now proud to host The Eldon Thacker Show where it rekindles the torch of radio long lost in the sterile dot com age. 

The show's host, Eldon Thacker, embodies that legacy.  He takes us back to a time when radio had us captivated with its characters.  With live streaming and a bold signal reaching 28 states at sundown, Eldon's fans stretch from the igloos of Alaska to the glades of Florida, as well as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Eldon Thacker is the path back to radio the way it ought to be.  Come along for the ride Sunday nights at 7 -9 p.m. CST, on 1510 WLAC-AM, and streaming live on
Eldon Thacker & The Thacker Chronicles