Falling in love was the easy part for Will (SETH PETERSON, star of TV's "Providence," "Clueless," "Beverly Hills 90210") and Laura (DANA BARRON, "Beverly Hils 90210," "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Man in the Iron Mask" ).  They were soul mates from the minute they met. 

     But, Laura is becoming frustrated. It has been four years and still there is no sign of marriage.  Laura feels that she has given Will enough time to propose.  So, with the encouragement of her close friend and guidance from the best selling dating manual, "The Law", Laura decides that the best way to get Will to the alter is . . . to dump him.

​     Following Step #1 of "The Law", Laura wakes up one morning and says "goodbye" to Will. Shattered, Will commiserates with his best friend, George, who has also just been "dumped," and finds himself on an emotional roller coaster ride as Laura tries desperately to follow the book and get him to commit.  When "The Law" advises Laura to make her man jealous, she begins dating her ex-boyfriend.

     Overcome with jealousy and against George's recommendation, Will stalks Laura's old flame. She continues to follow the advise of the book and arranges for the two to conveniently run into each other at a party, where sparks ignite.

     Now Laura moves on to the most important phase of "The Law" -- RISK EVERYTHING. She stages an engagement to another man. Will is devastated. Laura's plan seems to be working until Wil believes that the relationship is truly over and moves on -- Realizing that her plan has gone awry, Laura throws out the book, only to find that she may have lost Wil forever.

     In a climactic series of twists and turns, true love prevails as Will and Laura must find their way back to one another.​